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Services for researchers

The ADLS provides a variety of services to help and assist researchers with administrative data research. Our main services are detailed below. Click on the links for detailed information.

  • 1. Advisory Service
    The ADLS provide information and guidance to assist researchers with administrative data related enquiries. This includes providing information on the availability of administrative data in the UK, guidance and advice to make applications, checking application forms, advice on linking administrative data to other sources, and the legal, ethical and security responsibilities to use administrative data responsibly.

  • 2. Safe Researcher training
    Each year the ADLS provide training to prepare researchers to use administrative data in a responsible manner, which is the basic requirement of any application to a data holder to access their administrative data. The course is part of the Safe Researcher Training Programme and has been endorsed by major administrative data holding organisations in the UK and the Information Commissioner’s Office.

  • 3. P-ADLS (online facility to archive and view methods and codes used in administrative data research)
    P-ADLS is an online facility that enables researchers to archive and view methods and codes used to construct indicators and measures using administrative data. The aim of P-ADLS is to improve the consistency, quality and quantity of administrative data research by allowing researchers to view, replicate and develop existing methods.

  • 4. ADLS Trusted Third Party
    The ADLS TTP service provides researchers and data holding organisations a mechanism to enable the combining and enhancing of data for research to which may not have otherwise been possible because of data privacy and security concerns.

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