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Services for data holding organisations

The ADLS provides a variety of services to help and assist organisations to make their administrative data available for research. Our main services are detailed below.

  • 1. Advisory Service
    The ADLS provides guidance and information to organisations to help them to prepare their administrative datasets for research.  This includes guidance to share data legally and securely, advice on establishing safe settings, disclosure risk assessment (see below) and writing researcher contracts and data licensing arrangements.  Please click the link above to contact us for more information in these areas.

  •  2. Online space to raise awareness of administrative datasets for research
    The ADLS provide online space to data holding organisations to help them to provide information and documentation about their administrative data available.  Organisations can also communicate to academic researchers via email and Twitter feeds.  Please contact us for further information.  Click the link above for examples of information currently held on the ADLS site.

  • 3. Safe researcher training
    Each year the ADLS provide training to prepare researchers to use administrative data in a responsible, legal and secure manner.  The course is part of the Safe Researcher Training Programme and has been endorsed by major administrative data holding organisations in the UK and the Information Commissioner’s Office.  Please contact the ADLS if you would like to establish if a person has attended one of our courses.

  • 4. Statistical disclosure risk analysis
    Organisations that are intending to make a dataset available to the public, add new information to a published dataset or release an anonymised dataset to a third party should undertake a disclosure risk analysis to ensure that the data released is not identifiable.  The ADLS provide a service to assist with this process.  Please click the link above for further information

  • 6. ADLS Trusted Third Party
    The ADLS TTP service provides researchers and data holding organisations a mechanism to enable the combining and enhancing of data for research to which may not have otherwise been possible because of data privacy and security concerns.

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