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Quick links

This page provides quick links to the main sections provided on the ADLS website in alphabetical order.

A – M

  • » About us
    This page provides information about who we are and our main objectives.

  • » ADLS Hub
    An online resource to search for either published administrative data or published administrative data research.

  • » ADLS publications and guidance documents
    This section contains ADLS research publications and guidance documents to help you understand the issues surrounding administrative data research.  It also holds other important administrative data related documents and publications.

  • » ADLS resources
    This section provides an overview of the resources that the ADLS provides to assist researchers and data holding organsiations with administrative data research.

  • » ADLS Trusted Third Party
    A mechanism for researchers and data holders to enable the linkage or enhancement of datasets for research purposes where there are privacy or security concerns.

  • » Administrative data information packs
    These packs available to download typically contain application forms, data dictionaries and other useful documentation for every individual administrative data holding organisation featured on this website.

  • » Advisory service
    The ADLS provides an advisory service to assist with administrative data related enquiries.  You can contact us by phone, email or online.

  • » Cookie Policy
    This section provides you with general information about the use of cookies within the ADLS website and options available to you.

  • » Data security guidance to use and hold administrative data safely
    Specific guidance to help researchers understand the physical and software requirements to hold administrative data.

  • » Disclosure risk guidance for administrative data outputs and publications
    This section provides guidance to assist researchers to protect the confidentiality and identity of individuals when they release information in the public domain.

  • » Find administrative data
    The ADLS library holds detailed information about administrative datasets in the UK.  You can search by name, organisation, research theme and geography.  Search facilities are available for studies and surveys which include or link to administrative data. You can also search for Administrative dataset release via the ADLS timetable which provides a graphical representation of when datasets become available for application.

  • » Guidance to apply for and use administrative data
    This section is provides comprehensive information to help researchers apply for and use administrative data.  It includes legal guidance, data security guidance and advice on how to make successful applications.

  • » Help
    This section contains frequently asked questions and information on how to use this site and how to update us with new information.

  • » Home page 
    This is the main page of the ADLS website with links to take you around the site.

  • » Introduction to administrative data
    This section provides information on what is administrative data, its advantages and disadvantages, how other countries make use of the data and how it can be linked to other data sources.

  • » Legal guidance to use administrative data responsibly
    This section provides general information on the relevant law relating to the use of administrative data.  Please read this section in full prior to considering any research using administrative data.

  • » Linked administrative data
    This section details the major UK studies and surveys that either include, link to or are working towards linking to administrative data.

  • » Making successful applications for administrative data
    Read our guidance and tips to help you make an application to a data holding organisation for their administrative data.

N – Z

  • » News
    This page contains all our latest news items relating to administrative data.

  • » Official statements of administrative sources
    These documents detail the full list of administrative datasets held by individual organisations that are required to produce National Statistics.

  • » Portal of the Administrative Data Liaison Service (P-ADLS)
    P-ADLS is a new development from the ADLS to help store and view methodology and codes used in administrative data research.

  • » Register
    Register with the ADLS to receive our news items and other important updates in your inbox.

  • » Safe Researcher training
    Each year the ADLS provide training to prepare researchers to use administrative data in a responsible manner, which is the basic requirement of any application to a data holder to access their administrative data. The course is endorsed by major government departments in the UK and the ICO.

  • » Services for organisations
    The main services that the ADLS provides to assist data holding organisations to help make their administrative data available for research are detailed on this page.

  • » Services for researchers
    The main services that the ADLS provides to assist researchers with administrative data research are detailed on this page.

  • » Statistical Disclosure risk analysis
    This page provides information on disclosure risk analysis, when you might need to do it and how the ADLS can assist with this process.

  • » Twitter
    Receive our tweets by following us on Twitter. Tweets will primarily advise on the release of administrative data for research and other important updates.

  • » UK safe settings
    This section provides comprehensive information on the major safe settings available for administrative data research in the UK.

  • » Useful administrative data related documents
    The sub section on this page provides links to download useful documents that surround the use of administrative data.

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