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Find administrative data

This page is the starting point to search for information about administrative data in the UK.   You can search for information (including access procedures) about administrative datasets, download information and documents about an organisation’s administrative data, find publications and publicly available data and search for methods and codes used in administrative data research.

I would like to:

1. Search for detailed information about administrative datasets (including access procedures) in the UK by:

2. View an organisation’s official statement of administrative data sources
These documents detail the full list of administrative datasets held by individual government departments and agencies in the  UK that are required to produce National Statistics. 

3. Search for either:
i. Administrative data research publications
ii. Publicly available administrative data

4. Download a pack of information about an organisation’s administrative data
Packs contain all publicly available information and include documents such as application forms and data dictionaries.

5. Search P-ADLS for methods, models and codes
P-ADLS is an online resource to use and deposit methods, models and codes for administrative data research.

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