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ADLS resources

This section provides information on the main resources which ADLS provide to assist with administrative data research.

You can now:

  • 2. Search our library for information on UK administrative data
    The ADLS provides comprehensive information on administrative datasets in the UK, including how to apply for and access the data from organisations. You can also search for administrative data used in studies and surveys, research publications, publicly available data and methods and codes used to construct indicators and measures used in administrative data research.
  • 4. Download administrative data information packs
    The ADLS produce information packs to help you find out more about an organisation’s administrative data. Where available, the packs include documentation such as application forms, data dictionaries and licence agreements.
  • 6. Search for published data and research publications
    The ADLS Hub is an online resource to search for either:
    1) Research publications that have used administrative data
    2) Administrative data research publications

    These searches are useful to use prior to making any application for administrative data.

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